Ichigo and the others are called by Henri-sensei to go to New York to help Mari with her shop, as her business is doing poorly. After that, Ichigo receives a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he’s opening a Marie’s Garden in London. Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro go against each other in the Semi-Finals and Team Ichigo is confident because the battle is based on chocolate. Marie and starts to get homesick. The shop serves fresh fruit sweets, which later turns out to be the theme for the Grand Prix. If they lose, Kashino must marry Miya and Ichigo will have to date Johnny until they get married. He then gets frustrated and runs away, but Ichigo follows him. There, she finds out that the eldest out of Andou’s 4 younger siblings, Ichita, dislikes cake, so she decides to find out why.

While waiting with Kashino, Ichigo meets a girl named Natsuki, who offers to take them to one of the local shops. Team Tennouji lost in the semi-finals. The battle of batters ends with yet another tie, so another rematch is decided upon. The story is about 14 yr old Ichigo who dreams of becoming a pastry chef. While everyone else heads home for New Year’s break, Ichigo stays behind at school to practice. Team Ichigo goes to a local sweets festa to research for the next round of the Cake Grand Prix.

Prfoessional being told by Tennouji that she’ll never catch up to her in the time she has before the finals, Ichigo tries to figure out what she means by that.

Ichigo has a feeling that something isn’t quite right and found out that Hayami was originally in Group C but dropped to Group F after her sickness and fever during the final exam. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Episode 13

Ichigo now knows that Henri-sensei is playing the bad guy part to push her determination in order to surpass her grandma’s tart. The ymeiro will be ranked on popularity and sales; the least well-received shop will be closed and a new shop will replace it and the cycle continues. When they went to Andoh’s shop to visit, he does not have much customers.


Yumeito Kashino has a taste, he points out that the problem is with the strawberries and she realizes that she needs special strawberries with a unique taste like the ones her grandmother used. Ichigo is surprised to hear that Henri-sensei coming back. The battle results in a tie but Johnny admits that they actually lose.

Caramel also gives out her advice to Andoh that he has to rely on other people more. Kashino’s sister shows up and has him kidnapped. After that, Ichigo receives a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he’s opening a Marie’s Garden in London. They let 1 taste it and after he approves, they rush to get it to Ameli, who is moving with the circus.

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The rematch for Team Ichigo and Lemon’s quarterfinal professuonal is scheduled and the theme of “friendship” is chosen, but Andoh ran away. The Sweets Princes cheers her up by eating the cake she made.

The usual, confident chocolatier, Kashino, dislikes the theme and leaves the deciding of the type of cake to make and design of the cake to his fellow teammates. In this book, the Spirits discover traces of magic dust used by Sweets Spirits where the recipe was!

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Episode 13 English Subbed at gogoanime

Archived from the original on February 1, At the very end, Kashino and Ichigo are seen holding hands together. Ichigo and Vanilla uses it to unlock her grandma’s notebook. However, Kashino’s family who is against him becoming a patissier refuse to sign the form. They bet that if Team Ichigo loses, Kashino has to join their team. Marron sees Tennoji and almost asks her, but she sees Tennoji already has Honey. Group B invited her to gather walnuts and she is intentionally misled by them.

The first season is being released in Japan on DVD, with the first of 13 volumes having been released in March Ichigo runs off looking at all the sweets and the boys are left to chase after her.


Ggo B stole the cake Ichigo designed in order to embarrass her because she is with the Sweets Princes. Marie where winners get to go to Paris to study. Back at the academy, Ichigo works hard to make a spinach and carrot cake but can’t get it right without Andou’s help. They both confess, professonal they both won’t say it now, but later when they progress during Professional.

When they decide on a Sachertorte, the King of all Chocolate Cakes, Ichigo pulls an all-nighter to think of a design for the cake which creates love. Retrieved January 30, Then Kashino pushes Miya away, who falls on Johnny, who pushes Pztissiere, and then she falls on top of Kashino, which causes them to kiss each other.

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Her uncle gives her grandmother’s recipe notebook and she heads back to school, where she finds the Sweets Princes waiting for her to apologize for what they said to her. Team Ichigo goes to a ranch to study on the ingredients that were used to make a cheesecake. In the end the sales are going bad. Henri-sensei announces that the first shops on street one are going to open within the week and the owners are from different countries allowing different types of sweets to surface.

Back in Paris to prepare for the finals, Ichigo finds some scrumptious strawberries in the market, and wishes she had her grandma’s recipe for the strawberry tart that had vanished from her recipe book. The CD single for the two was released by the Columbia Music Entertainment on January 20, in a regular and limited edition.

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