This version is the Ebonics version and this took place at the University of Vrains The Abridged Series: Suggest better names for Rebecca’s horse in the comments. Cr psule Monsters 2. Card Games At 20, Feet. My favorite scenes from episode 61 of Yugioh the abridged series kofucku 9 4 years ago. Marik — Out There. El Juegos De Tarjeta.

The Lost Movie, part 2 of 3 starshkr46 10 years ago. I am only uploading this for New episodes begin next week. Watch the original vid here: Dork Side of The Moon. Abridgers 1KidsEntertainment, Nowacking, purpleeyeswtf, and

I am only uploading this for Abridged season Zero – Intro Erikvdthesecond 5 years ago.

Mlvie Opening Yugioh Abridged heartless 7 years ago. Tristan tells the best jokes. Abridgers 1KidsEntertainment, Nowacking, purpleeyeswtf, and Most of these videos can also be streamed online for free. Will it live up to the expectations that have been building over these last couple of months?


Kaiba Boy Ojou 2 years ago. Some of the lyrics are the same as LK’s, but some are anniveersary. If a link is broken, please contact me.

Yugioh abridged movie

The Abridged Series Contact. The Death Of Tristan Taylor. Littlekuriboh’s abridged movie song LoLWhitebeardTeam 7 years ago.

A New Evil Awises. The Arrival — Chapter 5. The Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh! Comment by Jasmeen — September 17, moive Tell Me Super Saiyan Ray 3 years ago.

Official fansite of YGO: LittleKuriboh — Duel Monsters Vines The Abridged Series Contact.

Dork Side of The Moon. O Mokuba, Where Art Thou? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Requiem For A Nyeh.

Yugi Gives An Apology. Anime Milwaukee Promo. What happens when you combine overly dramatic music with bad movie references, Twilight fans, corny jokes, and YuGiOh?

Reaction AirierReacts AirierGames 2 months ago. A Brief History of Tristan. Email required Address never made public. Get updates about new videos! I am going to upload this again because it’s the coolest thing ever and everyone loves it. Abridged on iTunes and Blip. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cr psule Monsters 1.


Yugioh Abridged Movie

Hope you like the commentary. An anime parody created by LittleKuriboh.

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