The Argo’s crew grows anxious, with everybody on edge, and several scuffles break out, including one between Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture. With the Argo defenseless, the Gamilon fleet moves in close for the kill, and begins a close-range, ship-to-ship bombardment. The drill head penetrates into the gun’s control room. Wildstar reports this to the Earth Defense Force commander, who pardons the Star Force and places them under his command. However, just as Ram leaves the Argo , Dagon orders an attack on both ships. When Flash gets home, he argues with his father, who wants him to take over the family business. Not relenting, Lysis next sends torpedo planes, warping them to the opposite side of the Argo.

As for the Argo , half of the underside is utterly destroyed, but still the lucky ship survives. After defeating the enemy planes, Wildstar sends the Argo’s Astro Fighters to the surface, where they destroy the enemy tanks and take the Space Marines on board. As the bridge crew holds a memorial for Jason, Queen Guardiana appears carrying Flash’s body and declares that war leaves no winners. Welcome to the Desslok hotline. The Black Tigers have abandoned the moon base to join the Argo. The Argo’s crew grows anxious, with everybody on edge, and several scuffles break out, including one between Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture.

After they return, Derek confronts Avatar about Alex, but Avatar says it was Alex’s decision to remain. Only her conscience stands in the way using them to remove the menace.

There is isxandar choice but to fly dangerously close to the corona, and the ship and crew are on the verge of melting. Meanwhile, Zordar escapes with Invidia, Dire and Gorse in a new space fortress. Gamilon’s commander on Pluto, Colonel Ganz, reports on this unexpected development to General Krypt, only to be rebuffed by Krypt who does not believe that Earth possesses the episoee to build such a weapon.

A shot from the Argo’s main guns strikes Desslok’s command centre, which plummets to the ground below. Although the planet is uninhabitable, the crew discovers the remains of the United States spaceship Arizonawhich was apparently attacked by the Bolar Federation.

Pinned, the Star Force is brought to a complete stop. The Argo loses the Andromeda in the belt, but Gideon maneuvers his ship around the belt and meets the Argo on the other side. But once they enter visual range of Iscandar, the signal is cut off, and navigator Mark Venture makes an even more startling discovery. At first, the plan appears to succeed, with the sun’s temperature falling, but it then rapidly rises, forcing both ships to immediately retreat. Royster suggests to Sandor that firing the wave motion gun will generate a recoil that pushes the Argo out.


Princess Invidia adds that Desslok retreated out of fear of Trelaina. Unfortunately, this places the Argo within the range of the Reflex Gun, and the weapon’s first shot hits the Argo. Suddenly, the sun stops. They inflict severe damage to the ship before being driven off, and nearly all of the Argo’s gun turrets are destroyed.

Meanwhile, the EDF, on its commander’s orders, eoisode unarmed magnet missiles, two of which attach to the Argo. The debris from the exploding ship strikes the other three carriers, wiping them all out. Dagon’s fleet attacks the Argoand a direct hit to the ship’s port engine causes the Argo to drift toward the planet Cygnus and a space current.


Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar, Series 1

Under his control, they join into a giant super-organism, shaped like a salamander xtar through space. Mark Venture briefs the crew on where they plan to look for a new planet, but Derek says that beyond a certain point they do not know what to expect. Sandor discovers the Empire’s weak spot: She is thus afraid to use her power again. Sandor agrees to go, but Venture wants time to think it over. He then asks Jason to help him to the bridge.

Meanwhile, Desslok orders the Galmans to defend the Argo. The Argo launches to destroy the last missile.

As Wildstar and Nova steer the Argo toward Zordar’s ship, they receive a communication from Trelaina, who is holding an unconscious — but alive — Venture. In the Argo’s examination room, Derek struggles to avoid exacting his revenge on the pilot. Trapped between depth charge bombardment and the sulphuric acid seas of Gamilon, the Star Force desperately tries to find a way out. When IQ-9 tells him about what happened to the Andromeda and how the repairs are going, he tries to get up, but Nova has IQ-9 forcibly return the captain to his bed.

Missile fire rains down on the Star Force, and so Wildstar orders the Argo to fly directly above the central city in hopes of discouraging further attacks.


Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar, Series 1 – IGN

After an extended battle, the Star Force are victorious, and go in search of Trelaina. In the Japanese, Lysis’s ship itself is the bomb placed against the Argo ‘ s hull, and Lysis and his ship are destroyed in the explosion.

He attaches bombs to the Empire’s energy source, then detonates them, rendering the Empire unable to move. Finally, Cranshaw will launch proton missiles, and the resulting reaction will return the sun to normal. The Argo then receives a distress call from the planet Alpha. General Krypt, presiding over the hearing, delivers a unanimous verdict: When Prince Zordar asks Invidia why Desslok has returned, she lies and claims he gave up fighting the Star Force, and volunteers to speak with Desslok to get the full story.

During the ongoing war outside of Earth’s solar system, one of the ships mistakenly warps to Earth’s atmosphere, heading directly for the Argo’s location. The year isone year after the Star Force returned to Earth bringing the Cosmo DNA device which rid it of the radioactive pollution caused by Gamilon’s planet bombs.

Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar Ep01(1/2) – video dailymotion

Hammer leaves the station in a ship which is attacked, causing him to crash on a nearby planet. Horrified, Volgar reports this to Desslok.

These Gamilon mines are motive, and quickly draw in upon the Argothwarting any attempt to evade. Derek says that Sandor’s resilience gives him hope that Alex is still alive. After repairing its energy storage unit, the Star Force crew gets the Argo flying again. As the Argo approaches one of Neptune’s moons, which is similar to Earth, an attempt on Earth to use the sun’s energy to vor it off fails.

The Star Force’s isacndar reserves begin running low, so the navigation crew locates an Earth-like planet nearby where foraging might be possible.

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