Chinese subbed episodes can be found on Personal Blue Sky Credit: Dong Hae tells his mom that he’ll go somewhere and not to leave until he or Mal Sun comes back. Dong Hae teaches her how to do it. Dong Hae, Mal Sun, and Anna are talking at the hotel suite. Anna asks Mal Sun if they live at the hotel. Dojin figures out the secret that his family has been tryingn to keep from him.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Dojin continues to get clues as to who Saewa’s old boyfriend is and Yujin continues her pursuit of Dong Hae. Jo is the chairman of Camellia Hotel. Dong Hae and Anna try to go on with their lives but things just keep getting messy as Dojin now starts to put things together. The Lee family must decide what to do about the ultimatum put before them by Mrs. Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast. Kim forces Dong Hae to withdraw from the cooking competition which angers the TV network.

Pil Yong asks about the home shopping TV sales and apologizes again for what happened. Kang Jae and Sun Ok are seeing them off. Monday – Friday Bong Yi tells him that marriage isn’t a business deal, then stands up and leaves.

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Posted October 5, Dojin wonders what is going on with Smilw Hae and his father. When Song Yi was asleep, he mutters that Anna is not the same person anymore and that he doesn’t know what to do. Sae Wa arrives and asks what’s going on but Hye Sook just ignores her and leaves.


Pil Yong asks Hye Sook how could she lie to them, when she knew full well how miserable spisode were when they lost Dong Baek.

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Smile, Dong-hae Korean Title: Episode 52 Episode Mal Sun presses Hye Suk on how she found the dress. Dae Sam swears to investigate about this. Add and Subtract Game. Sun Woo says he’d help in the business too. Episode 96 Episode She wants to call her but she left her phone inside.

Pil Yong wakes up to see his wife just staring at Anna. Episode 20 Episode atain It’s starting this coming monday already? Episode 55 Episode Lee Jang Woo Supporting Cast. Then he makes her leave the room.

Jo but Sae Wa rejects the request. The new assistant head chef, Dongae, has her eyes set on Dong Hae. It breaks Pil Jae’s heart to see Anna’s house. She says Bong Yi shouldn’t celebrate yet. Bongi proves Dong Hae didn’t do any wrong doings.

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Do Jin is doing his rounds at the hotel. Hye Suk implores Kim Jun to have a surgery.


Sun Woo answers it. Jo wants to see her and Sae Wa. Dong Hae tells Bong Yi that he already got her phone and then he takes her away. aggain

Kim Jun finds out about Saewa and Dong Hae’s past but decides its best not to tell his family. Everyone goes out to see what happened. Hye Sook snaps and tells him where the two are.

The shareholders’ general meeting and Dong Hae’s wedding are on the same day. Dong Hae teaches her how to do it. Bong Yi’s mom and Anna start work at the Kim residence. This time it’s Hye Sook, saying the chairman wants to see her.

Dae Sam, Sun Ae, and the head chef sees her and greets her. It had that oddly addictive combination of ridiculous storylines and makjang elements that made you want to see what happened even as you cursed at your TV.

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Hye Sook is setting up Mr. Then she hears one of the twins call her “mom”. She’s afraid that Dong Baek might disappear again. Sae Wa chases after him.

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