Dao Zhi sorrowfully regrets having lied to the guard who gave his life to help them escape and promises to inform his family. Yue-er realizes that the bronze god knows their locations through the weight on the floor tiles. This romance tore them apart and Nuying died from no known illness. Teacher Xu commences his education with a history lesson but Tianming is easily bored. The Elders create a powerful Qi field but the brothers-at-arms find the single weakness in the array and withstand the attack to achieve their goal. Ji Bu also leaves, to fulfill his duty as a soldier of the Chu State. The woman appears to read his thoughts and is surprised to hear Dan is dead.

Meanwhile, Shengqi is unable to penetrate the 24 Battle Array formation of his Peasant School opponents, a technique which Ying Bu realizes is much stronger than the individuals. Li Si and General Meng plan their strategy, including spies lying in ambush with the rebel groups. In the Forbidden Land, the first level is called Tiger Leap, the player must have extraordinary strength and kong-fu to pass. From the description of his death Zifang suspects he died from the Fearsome Curse of the Six Souls, the Yin and Yang forbidden technique. While the two boys are watching troops and a carriage pass by, they are recognised by Gongshu Chou who orders them captured. Ah Yan issues a challenge to be Xia Kui and Situ decides to support her. Ge Nie is prisoned, and Tianming is furious with the Mohists.

A starry sky appears above them, and Yue-er finds out part of the secret with her knowledge about the Five Elements, the Twelve tones and Five sounds. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Tianming continues to duel with Star Wraith, who notes he is much stronger with the help of Lord Dongjun.

In the banter along the way, Gao Jianli suggests that Tian Hu is using her. When the Chu leader Xiang Yan and Lord Changping died vu defense of the city, they had a bitter disagreement because Ji Bu stopped Ying Bu from making a vain suicidal attack against the Qin army. Camped on a cliff top, they discuss the inevitable carnage in the Peasant School as the various factions fight for the right to be Xia Kui.

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Suddenly, the voice of Tian Meng is heard. Meanwhile, Lady Yueshen returns to the Purple Shell Water Pavilion where she appears to reveal her plans for Yue-er to the three-footed crow. One, he carries both the Moon Goddess’s curse, Mark of Closed Eyes one of the eight curses of Yang and this curse episoce the contradictory Fearsome Curse of the Six Souls one of the eight curses of Yin.


Herself is captured by Yinfu. When they arrive at Lieshan Hall, they find everyone dead, they see a motionless Tian Meng standing and looking out the window. It consists of only 10 episodes. Tianming, Shaoyu and Shi Lan find themselves in a room with lifeless bodies covered in sheets.

They manage to escape during the confusion and get lost, but arrive at the Confician school surrounded by an honour guard of Qin troops. He sees the ye legged crow and follows it into a cavern devoid of warmth.

Star Wraith, Shao Siming and Da Siming combine their attacks which puts tremendous pressure on Tianming and they are unsuccessful. Qin’s armies chases Tianming and Yuer’, they manages to defend and counterattack with Feigong.

He hears a woman’s voice saying “Don’t be afraid, my child.

The Rostrum

Then a rider wearing full battle armour and their leader, rides into the camp and challenges Ziyu. The Mohists realizes someone has entered the secret chamber and taken the scroll. He then attacks Zhongli Mei who eventually gains the upper hand. They find themselves in the cavernous Alchemy Room, a medicine storage section where Shaoyu believes Yunzhong Jun is making an elixir of immortality.

While horse-riding with the Confucian students Ziyu sees Shi Lan leaving the village and turns to follow her but is caught in traps set by a group of bandits. Shaoyu is very fond of this reward. She says she will provide the whereabouts of Ge Nie if he will tell her what happened at the bridge. The Moon Goddess arrives outside Xianyang and is met by General Meng who is awaiting orders to travel east.

Her White Snow technique is unsuccessful and during the contest she succumbs to the Fire Charm technique and is immobilised. Master Ban believes it is the result of collaboration between the Dictatorial Mechanisms and the Yin Yang techniques. The crow suddenly flies at Tianming and disappears, leaving him episodf with a Mount Chu totem inscription. The Qin troops who attacked the Mohist Machinery City lie devastated. At the Six Sages Episodee, the Peasant School leaders arrive to find Shengqi and Wu Kuang who claim sihming have passed the test of the Six Sages, confirmed by the fact that they are still alive.

Shengqi replies that they seek to have their identities and status restored as disciples of the Peasant School. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Xuenu intervenes to stop the fight, but warns Tianming if the acts badly in the future, the punishment will be severe. While working with the old soldier in the peach orchard, Meng Tian realizes that the trees bear the names of young men who died fighting the Northern Wolves, including the name their general Li Mu, the Wolf Hunter.


Li Si said that Hanfei spoke of the Seven Stars of the Azure Dragon but Zifang had only heard that it was a thousand year old secret that had not yet been revealed. Suddenly a Gongshu machinery beast, the Ground Breaking Sanlang arrives and confronts them while another one chases the Mohist leaders in the tunnel below.

Gao Jianli however is unwilling to take sides in an internal conflict. They discuss the history of previous battles and Meng Tian gets a better understanding of tactics he must use. The poisoned Mohists are no match for the army.

Everyone is mesmerized by the fire breathing, juggling act and magic tricks including releasing a flock of butterflies. Star Wraith visits Gonshu Jia while he is examining the broken white tiger that crash landed on the Mirage. Qin’s Moon Episode S5 Datiechui is also in grave danger.

A new character and her relations to the Western Regions will be introduced as well. Da Tiechui thinks back to 12 years ago when he was an army General in the Kingdom of Yan under the command of the autocratic and cruel Yan Yi. Shaoyu refuses to accept the responsibility of leading the remnants of Soaring Dragon Army into a pointless battle, and leaves.

Although Ah Yan loses the vote, she suggests that one leader is a traitor working with the Qin Empire. Just after he leaves, Lady Hua Ying arrives. Ge Nie thanks Tianming for his trust and understanding before he goes unconscious again. Gao Jianli shows up and kills Canglang.

Shaoyu manages to force open the trap-door exit enabling Tianming to escape while he stays to help Shi Lan. After their escape from the forces of the Emperor, they embark on a journey to change the destiny of the empire while encountering several friends and foes along the way.

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