Look, I’ll help you get back on track with Jimmy. When she goes to delete it, however, she finds something surprising in the photo gallery. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Police station Mark is surprised to see Aaron at the station after he enters the building, and he explains that he felt bad after their earlier conversation so thought it best to come and confess about the fertiliser. She’s naturally curious over why Mark wants to keep a lid on it, so he’s forced to tell her that it was Aaron that caused the fire to be worse but avoids going into exact details. She’s a complex person, and she’s been through some hard times.

Whenever I’d start to have an episode I’d hear Greensleeves playing faintly in the wind. Piper says she isn’t trying to make it worse for Brad, but isn’t going to pretend everything’s cool either. Karl is shocked to find Sheila ignoring his instructions to take it easy after fainting, but sworn to medical secret after she admits feeling guilty for leaving Toadie ‘for dead’, although getting help was the right move. He begins to explain about how he was involved in the leak of Paul’s hard drive contents. Please don’t think I’m trying to get him off scot free, I just need a few days to try and track down the actual arsonist, otherwise people are going to direct their anger towards him and it’s not going to be pretty. Edit Storyline Mark is horrified to find that Aaron carried the jerrycan and tries to lie about it bluntly.

Sheila insists it would make her feel useful, while also lightening the load for them. What do you mean?

Amy reassures Steph that she can move on from all that, if she tells herself she’s strong. Go talk to them.

She says they have to go and get the phone before Imogen looks at it. Because I left him for dead alright! Piper says it’s weird not having Terese about the house, but is hoping she’ll be discharged from hospital soon. Daniel Robinson credit only Stefan Dennis Written by KGF Vissers.


It’s what you think about yourself that matters. Police station Mark is surprised to see Aaron at the station after he enters the building, and he explains that he felt bad after their earlier conversation so thought it best to come and confess about the fertiliser.

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She tries to suggest she only became unwell because he was yelling at her, so he explains he only does that when he is worried. No 22 Imogen is still with Daniel, and decides to test out Piper’s phone to see if it’s working, by taking a selfie of her and Daniel.

Sheila doesn’t want him to, citing that she wants to be the one helping them. He says that Sonya’s 7426 really understanding, but that it’s not the same as talking to someone who was actually in the fire. You stuffed up, the least you can do is admit it!

You said you were gonna erase them. She shows them what she’s found, but it’s not what Piper feared.

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Sheila has come round and Karl orders her to drink the water he’s brought her because he thinks she is dehydrated. Urged by Paige epsiode switch to fraternal mode, his sermon still seems harsh to Aaron, who decides Who knows, he might have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Piper says she’ll email the photo to Daniel so he can enlarge it.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Number 24 On the pretence of seeing if Mark is home to have lunch with her, Paige subtly asks Aaron if Mark has talked to him about the fire. Paige leaves, asking them to think about what she’s said.


Sheila doesn’t want him to, citing that she wants episove be the one helping them KARL: Fitzgerald Motors Steph returns to the beighbours, and is about to get on her motorbike to go home, when she hears the faint notes of what sounds like neighboure song Greensleeves.

Susan comes in; she mentions to Piper that her phone was found in the burned – out school, and that she’s given it to Imogen.

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See the full gallery. I’ve got this vague recollection of someone coming across me in the fire. Imogen Willis Felix Mallard Beighbours still doing the Rebecchis’ washing and ironing for them, and says she wants to make it a permanent arrangement. No 30 Toadie tells Sheila how helpless he felt being trapped in the fire, unable to walk.

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Sheila doesn’t nieghbours to as she’s too busy and not just at The Waterhole but he threatens to tell Kyle if she doesn’t do as he says! What’s on my phone is my business, no – one else’s. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Josh Willis Tim Phillipps A road somewhere Amy is out for an evening jog.

Mark enlightens him that it was the fertiliser exploding that caused the major damage at the school and hurt people too. Number 30 Sheila is carting the chest of drawer pieces into the house when Karl spots her and make his displeasure of what she’s doing known.

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